Hull's School was founded in 1945 by Dr James Hull. In 1992, Dr Hull handed over the school to his son, Robin Hull, in order to spend his final years completing his magnum opus, a study of the works of the 20th-century English writer Aldous Huxley.

In the 1990s, Hull's School expanded to become one of larger independent schools in German-speaking Switzerland. In 1997, the school purchased a building in the centre of Zurich, close to the Stadelhofen train station. As it continued growing, it added three more buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Zurich Opera House. By now it was one of the most popular English private Sixth-Form colleges (Kurzgymnasia) in Switzerland.

Hull's School is currently the leading English college in Switzerland following the British curriculum (IGCSE, A levels), with more than 300 students from Swiss and international families.

Hull's School now has four dedicated subject-specific school buildings:

  • Falkenstrasse 28a (Humanities and Language)
  • Seehofstrasse 3 (Biology and Chemistry)
  • Seehofstrasse 6 (Physics and Maths)
  • Seehofstrasse 2 (Economics)
Our chairman Mr Hull
Our chairman Mr Hull

I enjoyed and value the college at Hull's school for its profound education and the incomparable location in the heart of Zurich.

Nathalie Zimmermann

Hull's School

Hull’s School not only pushed my international career goals, but during this period of my life, I connected with many fascinating and inspiring colleagues, who became very close friends and helped me build my professional network.

Eva Pellegrini