Excusing Absences from School

Excusing Absences from School

All absences from school must be excused by a parent, regardless of the age of the student. Exceptions can only be made for students who pay their own school fees.

To report an absence for a day, please contact the office via email: at {M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{E17929BCB7FE48468C8AA51FA0E03B5A}, or telephone our office on 044 254 30 40 after 08:15. When you report an absence by email, please write the student's name and year level (e.g. EC3) in the subject line.

Excusing an early departure for an appointment

Every student leaving school for an external appointment must provide the school with a written explanation for the absence from a parent or guardian. 

Absence from Extra Study Prep

Requests to be excused from Extra Study Prep must be discussed with the Vice Principal, Mr Durkin ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{AA2BD17515804A24ADF5AC48462C6615}).

Longer-term absences

Requests to be excused from school for more than a day must be discussed with Mr Durkin and the Year Heads.

The Year Heads for EC1 and EC2 are Katja Schreiber ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{54A600A54591485483EF7364149BF24D}), Randolph Wagenbrenner ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{C5907D6641D04BDCA7DC8015AFBABB23}) and Philip Roberts ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{1A0451E441FE4823BDFFC55EDB92F7B3}). The Year Head for EC3 is Joshua King ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{F3B68B2A38B54F9BB42F86BA374FAE05}) and the Year Head for EC4 is Susan Taylor ({M06C9C91C0FD1479E9176ABDC53A4BA9AO}{01CB3ED000D546ADBC64FAEB331DD822}). 

Late arrivals

Students must be in their classroom and ready to start work five minutes before the start of every morning and afternoon class. This means they should not take the very last train/tram/bus connection in the morning because there are often delays in the public transportation system.

Students arriving late must report to one of the offices and obtain a late arrival form.

Normally, late students are not allowed to enter a class that has already begun because late entries disrupt classes. This is only allowed in exceptional circumstances. Public transport delays are not considered a valid excuse for lateness.

Students who arrive late will be marked as absent on the daily attendance report and an email will be sent to their parent(s), unless we have already been notified of a valid reason for lateness.

Students who often arrive late must meet with the Vice Principal, Mr Durkin, and may be subject to disciplinary action if they do not change their behaviour.

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