Aldous Huxley Museum

Aldous Huxley Museum

The Huxley Collection forms part of the Zurich Huxley Centre. It is currently the world's most important public exhibition of the complete works of Aldous Huxley, and the most comprehensive collection of English literature on public display in Switzerland. Compiled by Robin Hull, a curator for the International Aldous Huxley Society and the Principal of Hull’s School, the collection comprises about 400 items, of which two thirds are on permanent display.

Visitors will find British and American first editions of all of Aldous Huxley’s works of fiction and non-fiction. Many are inscribed with dedications by the author – to famous fellow writers like D.H. Lawrence, film producers such as George Cukor (My Fair Lady), film stars, painters and composers. Some of the works are Huxley’s own personal copies or belonged to members of the Huxley family.

I enjoyed and value the college at Hull's school for its profound education and the incomparable location in the heart of Zurich.

Nathalie Zimmermann

Hull's School

Hull’s School not only pushed my international career goals, but during this period of my life, I connected with many fascinating and inspiring colleagues, who became very close friends and helped me build my professional network.

Eva Pellegrini