About Us

About Us

Hull's School is the first English college (private secondary school) in Zurich.
The four-year programme covers the UK Fifth and Sixth Forms (Years 10 to 13), preparing students for IGCSE and A-level examinations. Except for modern languages, the language of instruction is English.

The Hull’s School campus consists of four buildings located near the Zurich Opera House. More than 300 students from Swiss and international families attend the college.

Hull's School offers an alternative route to university and other types of higher education for academically talented and motivated adolescents. Many teenagers who finish Year 9 at a Swiss secondary school would prefer full-time education to an apprenticeship, especially if they had the opportunity to attend a school with an attractive curriculum, motivated learners, and teachers who take a genuine interest in their students. Unfortunately, Swiss Gymnasia have limited capacities, and their entrance requirements can be very challenging, particularly for young people from multicultural families.

In our experience, Zurich's adolescents are strongly drawn to schooling in English and thrive in a British educational environment, regardless of whether they come from families with a Swiss or an international background. The British educational system allows for more specialisation than the Swiss Matura, fostering the development of students’ individual academic strengths. It opens doors to universities in Switzerland as well as to leading universities abroad, including those in the UK Russell Group. It also paves the way for careers in business. Switzerland's many multinational corporations, for example,  prefer their management to have sound academic backgrounds, and favour university graduates.

Students Students come from either Swiss or international families. Many have previously attended Swiss schools, while others have been educated internationally. While the majority speak and write German fluently, and around 40 percent are bilingual, some students know neither German nor French when they enrol at the college.
High success rate Students who take their A levels at Hull's School meet the entry requirements for most universities in English-speaking countries. About 80 percent pass their final examinations well enough to achieve their desired goal. For around a third of our students, this is to study at a university in Switzerland, where A levels are highly regarded; around half wish to study at universities in the UK, including those in the Russell Group, or in the EU.
Curriculum – the best of both worlds The curriculum of Hull's School combines the breadth of the liberal education offered by Swiss Gymnasia (humanistische Bildung) with the high level of specialisation of the UK system. Students reap the benefits of both an excellent education in English and a German Language and Literature programme which compares favourably with those of Switzerland's Gymnasia. Extended assignments are completed both in English and – where possible – in German.

I enjoyed and value the college at Hull's school for its profound education and the incomparable location in the heart of Zurich.

Nathalie Zimmermann

Hull's School

Hull’s School not only pushed my international career goals, but during this period of my life, I connected with many fascinating and inspiring colleagues, who became very close friends and helped me build my professional network.

Eva Pellegrini