10th Year Programme

10th Year Programme

The school year starts in mid-August (after the City of Zurich summer holidays) and continues until July of the following calendar year.

English Cambridge First Certificate (Advanced or Proficiency), pre-IGCSE English Language
German Grammar, essay writing, German and Swiss literature
French IGCSE French
Biology 1st year IGCSE Biology
Chemistry 1st year IGCSE Chemistry
Economics 1st year IGCSE Economics

1st year IGCSE Mathematics


1st year IGCSE History

Art History

Introduction to the History of Art

Music History

Introduction to the History of Music

Classics Introduction to the culture of antiquity (Greek and Roman myths, Homer, Plato, etc.)
Philosophy Introduction to the great philosophical thinkers, from antiquity to the modern era

Sport/Computer Science/Art/Spanish/Physics or Music

Sports, Computer Science, Art, Spanish, Physics, and Music are
non-examinations subjects.

I enjoyed and value the college at Hull's school for its profound education and the incomparable location in the heart of Zurich.

Nathalie Zimmermann

Hull's School

Hull’s School not only pushed my international career goals, but during this period of my life, I connected with many fascinating and inspiring colleagues, who became very close friends and helped me build my professional network.

Eva Pellegrini