Skating Day

Skating Day

Friday, 18 December 2020 will be the Hull's School Ice Skating Day.

We will meet at 09:32 at Bülach train station (bus stop E-Kante) and will travel together by bus to the skating rink at the Hirslen Sports Centre, where we will skate until midday. We will enjoy light refreshments during the morning. Students will be dismissed at approximately 12:00.

We will skate regardless of the weather, as an indoor rink has been reserved for the morning. Skates can be rented at Hirslen and the school will pay for the rental.

Meeting point 09:32 at the Bülach train station/bus stop E-Kante
Dismissal 12:00 noon at the Hirslen Sports Centre bus stop
Tickets Students will need a valid ticket from Bülach to the Hirslen Sports Centre, which is in Zone 121, 3 Zones from central Zurich (110, 112 and 121).
Refreshments Light refreshments will be provided by the school.

The S9 train (direction Rafz) leaving Zurich Stadelhofen from Platform 1 at 08:59 arrives in Bülach at 09:32. Students taking this particular train from Zurich will need to come directly to the E-Kante bus stop, as the bus leaves promptly at 09:37.

We consider the Skating Day to be valuable time spent together as a school community, and all students are expected to attend.

Necessary absences must be excused by emailing {M425413D3556742A8AD884B3FFD16AA8FO}{A789F181D49D44AAB16A3FAC1E82E72B} by Monday, 14 December, so that the correct arrangements can be made for transport, catering and supervision.

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