Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Students on School Trips


Students must remember that they represent the school whenever they are in public. We count on them to be pleasant, quiet, courteous and considerate of other people at all times.

The laws, rules and traditions of the countries we are in, including the legal age for alcohol consumption (which may be different than in Switzerland), must be observed at all times.

Drugs and other illegal substances

Hull’s School has a zero-tolerance policy concerning the use of drugs and other illegal substances during all school trips. Please also note that the penalties for the use of and/or possession of drugs in other countries may be much more severe than in Switzerland, and that, if caught, students may be liable for punishment under local laws.


Where permitted, the consumption of alcohol on school trips should be moderate. Theis privilege may be withdrawn at any time. Excessive use of alcohol leading to disruptive or potentially dangerous behaviour will be considered a serious breach of the Code of Conduct.


Students should remain with the group during group activities. When students are given free time, they must always return to the meeting place promptly and register with the teacher in charge. They must never be late.


When staying in shared accommodation, including hotels, students must show consideration for other guests and must observe the rules laid down by their host.

Students must be aware that vandalism and disruptive behaviour can have very serious consequences for themselves, their parents and the school. Parents are required to accept responsibility for any damage or costs due to the conduct or actions of their son or daughter, whether intentional or not. Any claims made by a third party against a student or the school as a result of the student’s actions must be met by the parents in the event that they are not covered by insurance.

Private property

Students are responsible for their own property on all trips. Valuables such as mobile phones, computers, mp3 players, iPods, etc. are the responsibility of the student and not of the school. Students should ensure that they have adequate insurance. Students should not bring items of significant value on school trips.


Health, travel and personal insurance are the responsibility of the students or their parents.


Students may not bring banned items through customs, including excess alcohol and/or tobacco products. Students must not bring anything through customs on behalf of someone else.

Health and emergencies

Any ongoing health concerns must be disclosed to the school when registering for trips, and the teachers in charge should be made aware of any medication that a student might need to take. The teachers in charge should be informed immediately of any health concerns that arise during the trip. The school will endeavour to telephone the designated emergency contact of any student requiring medical treatment. 

Students on disciplinary probation

Hull’s School reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to bar students from trips for disciplinary reasons.

Students who seriously breach the Code of Conduct or the normal rules of acceptable behaviour will be sent home at the expense of their parents. Students can be sent home at the discretion of the teachers in charge. There is no appeal against such decisions.

Code of Conduction for Students On School Trips

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