Biology Workshop

Biology Workshop

Biology field trip to Pontresina

Monday, 21 June and Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Every year our EC3 biology students go on a biology field trip to Pontresina.

This trip is mandatory because the work done on this trip is part of preparation for the Pearson A-level biology examinations.

Important: We will be outdoors for several hours in all weathers, rain or sunshine.
Equipment needed: Students must bring clothes for every eventuality. It could be very hot and sunny or it could be wet and cold! They will need warm, waterproof clothing as well as sun cream, sun hats, etc.
Costs: Costs for the trip have already been included in the school fees paid at the start of the year.
Insurance and ID: Students must have their own personal travel and health insurance.
Accommodation: Pontresina Youth Hostel, Via da la Staziun 46, 7504 Pontresina.


If you have any further questions, please contact the Head of Biology, Mrs Crofts, at {M5DA05CBD680A4133870690F9C06FF4F9O}{B60791F6EFE84FAF95C32F09A82595FC}.

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