Parents' Evenings

Parents' Evenings

Parents’ Evenings 2021–2022

Thursday 11 November 2021 19:00–20:45
Thursday 27 January 2022 19:00–20:45
Tuesday 5 May 2022 19:00–20:45


If you have any questions relating to your son or daughter’s progress, or about the external examinations, you can contact the EC1 Year Heads, Janina Fiala ({M95F569B144E946228A1C8B13B66C44A9O}{672722A532A34E4F8EAB551F635DABDE}) and Randolph Wagenbrenner ({M95F569B144E946228A1C8B13B66C44A9O}{2DBA7712EB2446E493E81CAD096B333A}) at any point during the school year.


I enjoyed and value the college at Hull's school for its profound education and the incomparable location in the heart of Zurich.

Nathalie Zimmermann

Hull's School

Hull’s School not only pushed my international career goals, but during this period of my life, I connected with many fascinating and inspiring colleagues, who became very close friends and helped me build my professional network.

Eva Pellegrini