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Vice Principals

James Cunningham

Patrick Durkin

Jack Wildemann


Jack Wildemann has been employed at Hull’s School since 1993, in which time he has taught a variety of subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, English, Economics and Geography.  Jack was Hull’s School’s first Head of Mathematics Department , a position he assumed when the Adult College programme was inaugurated, then became the school’s first Head of Mathematics and Science when the High School was begun.  He was named Vice Principal, Academic Director and Head of Human Resources for the school in December 2009.

Jack was born and raised in Baltimore, Md, USA, where he attended Kenwood High School and graduated first in his senior class of 729 students.  Jack then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, cum laude, from the University of Maryland, after which he earned a second Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, summa cum laude, from Towson State University, where he also won the annual Scarborough Award for excellence in Mathematics by an undergraduate student.

Jack then proceeded to do graduate work in Mathematics at the University of Maryland, where he was enrolled in the doctoral programme.  It was at this time that Jack discovered his love of teaching, a role he took on as part of his Graduate Assistant responsibilities. He thereupon embarked on a career as a teacher of High School Mathematics in the United States, working at two prestigious private schools, the Maret School in Washington, D.C. and the Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut.

It was then that Jack’s wife, Petra, an insurance actuary and consultant, spirited him off to Europe in connection with her successful career, whereupon Jack worked at private schools in Düsseldorf teaching Mathematics to, among others, American and Japanese expats, before finally settling in Switzerland (again, due to his wife Petra’s career!) where he and Petra have lived now since 1993.

In his spare time, Jack is actively involved in the Wildemann Stiftung, a family foundation headed by his wife, Petra, which promotes integrative sport (handicapped and non-handicapped participating together) in Germany and Switzerland, but especially in Petra’s home town of Münster, Germany. Jack also enjoys playing playing the guitar and singing, a hobby which led to him being front man for the band “Second Edition” in his Düsseldorf days.