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What are the entrance requirements of Swiss universities?

Swiss universities accept holders of IGCSE (foundation level)/AS (lower advanced level)/AL (higher advanced level) certificates with sufficient grades in six different subjects. 

1. First language
2. Second language
3. Mathematics
4. Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
5. Arts, Humanities, Earth Sciences etc (Geography, History or Economics/Law)
6. Choice of a subject from category 2, 4 or 5)

In practice this rule is applied as follows by Swiss universities:

Basle, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, St. Gallen
Certificate in six subjects including 3 IAL (one of which needs to be Mathematics or a Natural Science). Two of the IAL must be grade B or better, the other grade C or better. The other three must be  IGCSE or better, with grade 5 or better, or grade B or better under the previous specification. IAS with grade C may be sustituted for IGCSE with grade 5.

Same as Basel, Bern etc. If subjects other than the ones listed above have been taken students may sit an entrance test in the missing subjects.

ETH Zürich (Federal Institute of Technology)
Certificate in three subjects with grade A at AL in:

1. Mathematics,

2. Chemistry, Physics or Biology,

3. the first or a second language,

plus a further four subjects at either IGCSE or AS level in Applied Mathematics, Geography, History, 1 Modern Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Economics.

Alternatively: reduced entry exam.

Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences

At certain Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences students are admitted if they have achieved a grade C on average in six separate subjects, including three A-levels, one AS and two IGCSEs. Some require Mathematics at AL and AS Economics. This implies that students with a minimum pass in AL Mathematics are able to join if they have one grade A or two Bs in other subjects. As a rule students need to complete an internship before studying at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences.