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All prospective students are interviewed by the Principal. Students wishing to join the full-time college programme sit placement tests in English, Mathematics, French and German (if they are not native speakers of German). 

Pastoral Care

Students have access to pastoral counsellors and meet them regularly to discuss academic matters, personal problems or to air grievances.

Small Classes

The maximum size of classes is 16 students.

International Student Identity Card

Students receive an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Report Cards
(academic performance and social competencies)

Report cards for students in the first year (EC1) are issued in October, December, April and July. Students in the second and third years (EC2 and EC3) receive their report cards in November, March and July.

In the fourth year (EC4) students receive report cards in November and in March, but not in July, as the final results of the external examinations are available in August.