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Extracurriculars and Sports

Students are encouraged to become part of the school's community by engaging in extracurricular activities. The aim is to involve students more deeply in the school, foster mutual support and offer opportunities for students to develop their strengths and prove themselves as team-players.

Experience shows that students who are actively involved in extracurricular activities usually also perform better academically.

Most leading universities outside Switzerland and all potential employers give preference to students who are both strong academically and interesting in terms of what they do in their free time.

Extracurricular activities and sports
Students at Hull's School engage in a wide range of activities including the English Drama Club, the Debating Society, the Enterprise Club, the School Newspaper Group, the Students-Teach-Students scheme, the Music Group, the Ball Committee, the Sports Club, charitable events and excursions.


English Drama Club
The English Drama Club is perhaps the school's most popular circle. There are public performances and students who stay members for two consecutive years may attempt the IGCSE Drama examination.

Excursions and day trips
During the academic year classes are taken out to theatres and cinemas to see plays or films in English, German and French. There are day trips to the French-speaking part of Switzerland and weekends in London, Berlin and other major European cities.

Physical Education is mandatory in the first year; sports days take place regularly.


Newspaper Club
A number of the teachers of the school have experience in journalism and share this with members of the Newsletter Group. Students are given practice in journalism, creative writing and editing.

Music Club
Depending upon demand, students actively interested in music meet on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to form bands and take part in the schools social events, such as the annual ball.

Art Club
Students interested in drawing, painting and other forms of art meet regularly with an English-speaking artist to develop their creative talents.

Debating Society
Students learn the rules of English debates and practise presenting arguments, disagreeing, speaking persuasively and chairing discussions.

Students Teach Students
The ‚Students Teach Students' scheme invites strong students to coach weaker students for free. The school issues community service certificates to any students who teach at least 30 hours. Both the student teachers and their pupils benefit from this scheme in a number of ways. Future teachers gain their first teaching practice while students with weaknesses receive help from fellow-students without placing a financial burden on their parents.

Ball Committee and charitable events
The annual School Ball is organised entirely by students. Being part of the organising committee students learn to work in a team, face challenges, work to a budget, find creative solutions and meet deadlines. Students are encouraged to take part in a number of fund-raising events and are sensitised to the problems of the larger community surrounding the school.